(Approved December 1998)


Article 1.  General


1. Name. The name of the organization shall be the Chinese American Water Resources Association, abbreviated as CAWRA, hereafter designated as the Association and   in Chinese.


2. Mission.             The Association is to serve, to promote and to coordinate scholars, engineers, policy makers and people in any profession who are interested in water resources and it's related fields to exchange information, to engage in international cooperation, and to participate in activities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.


3. Organization.   The organization of the Association is shown on the Organization Chart attached at the end of the By-Law.


4.  Fiscal Year.  The fiscal year of the Association is from January 1 to December 31.


5.  Seal:               The seal of the Association is shown below:









Article 2.  Membership


1. Qualification.   The member shall be a person, an organization, or an affiliation who is presently engaged or has interest in research, teaching or practicing in a field related to the water resources in both sides of the Taiwan Strait, regardless of their race, gender, nationality, or religion.


2. Participation.  Individual members in good standing may be appointed to and participate on Association committees.  Individual Members in good standing may qualified for an elected position or appointed position on the Board of Directors and Office of the Association.  Individual Member whose dues are not in arrears shall be considered in good Standing.


3.  Non-Member Participation. 

                a) Non-members of the Association shall not be elected to hold elected office of the Association. 

                b) Non-members may be invited to serve in a committees when nominated by committee chairperson and approved by the president.

                c) Conferences, seminars, and workshops of the Association shall be open to all persons including non-member who are interest to attend through payment of designated fees.


Article 3.  Membership Dues and Privileges


1.  Categories of Membership.  Membership shall be open to all persons and organization interested in advancing the objectives and mission of the Association.  The categories of the membership is defined as followings:


                STUDENT MEMBER:  Students in college, university and graduate school who has an interest in joining the Association.

                MEMBER:  An individual who has an interest in joining the Association to promote the objectives and mission of the Association.

                AFFILIATE MEMBER:  A group of professionals who reside in a region outside of the United States and are interested in promoting the objectives and mission of the Association may form an organization using the name of the Association to become an affiliate member of the Association. When they intended to form the affiliate membership, agreement shall be reached between the president and the representative of such membership and approved by the Board of Directors.  The membership shall use the name of the Association (i.e. CAWRA) follow by the name of the region it represented, for example CAWRA South America.  The membership shall act as an independent organization, establish their own organization, elect their officers, determine and collect  membership dues for their operation.

                ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBER:  A professional association, institute, corporation and organization who are interested in sponsoring the objectives and mission of the Association.  An organizational member have the privilege of placing a quarter (1/4) page advertisement free of charge on the Association's newsletter.


2.  Admission of Members.  Membership application shall be submitted to the Secretary.  An application form may be obtained from the Secretary or use the one published on the newsletter.  Once the application form and membership dues are mailed to the secretary/treasurer, the applicant become a member in good standing and receiving services and participate in the activities.


3.  Privileges.  All members with good standing receive newsletter, announcement of the Association's various activities, inquiry from both sides of Taiwan Strait, and request support or assistance from the Association.  In addition to the above mentioned basic privileges, member in each categories have the following rights:

                STUDENT MEMBER:  To serve in committee, to inquire job opportunities or place an advertisement with fee on the newsletter.

                MEMBER:  To vote for Association officers, to become a candidate to the offices, To serve in committee interested, and to fully participate in all Association's activities with special rate.

                AFFILIATE MEMBER:  To request Association's support on activities planned in the region, to organize the office in a form best fit to the region, and to nominate members to serve in the Association office and committees.

                ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBER:  To place a 1/4 page advertisement of the organization free of charge on the newsletter, and to nominate it's employee as a candidate to any offices or serve in a committee.


4.  Resignation.  Any member of the Association in good standing may resign by a written communication to the Office of Presidency.


5.  Dues

                The following membership dues is approved by the Board of Directors starting from January 1, 1999.


                STUDENT MEMBER:                                           $10.00

                MEMBER:                                                               $30.00

                AFFILIATE MEMBER:                       Special arrangement 

                ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBER:                      $750.00


6.  Payment

                All membership dues shall be paid before the end of February each year.  A reminder of payment letter will be forwarded to no-pay member.  A grace period of one year will be provided to the no-pay member from the date of the remind letter.  During the grace period, the no-pay member's privileges are sustained.  After the grace period, all privileges of the no-pay member shall be terminated.


Article 4.  Board of Directors


1.  The affairs, activities and concerns of the Association shall be under the direction of the Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the "Board".  Conducting and approving timely amendment of this By-Law shall be the  responsibility of the Board to establish operational and management rules and guidance to each part of the offices in the Association.


2.  Composition, election, appointment, term of the Board Directors have been specified in the Constitution.


3.  The president of the Board (President-elect) shall call Board meeting periodically as necessary to review and discuss the mission, policy and business of the Association.  The President of the Board can select appropriate format of the meeting, including telephone, electronics, etc.


Article 5.  Office of Presidency


1.  President:  The President shall be responsible for the general supervision of the affairs of the Association.  The President shall call and preside the annual meeting of the Association to report Association's affairs, shall attend the Board meeting to explain the current status of the Association's business.


                The president is empowered to appoint Secretary, Treasurer, or Secretary/Treasurer, Directors of Divisions, and form an Advisory Committee as his brain trust.  The president is also empowered to reorganize the Association offices as needed to carry out the business of the Association.


2.  President-elect:  The President-elect shall serve as the president of the board of the directors, shall preside the Board meeting, shall function as the major contact between the office of Presidency and the Board.


                In case of the President's inability from any cause to act, the President-elect shall perform the duty of the President.  In case of the President's death, resignation, or withdrawal from the office the President-elect shall become the president for the remaining term, and call an election at the end of that term.


3.  Secretary:  The Secretary is the Executive Director of the Association.  The Secretary shall give notice of, and if possible attend and keep minutes of  all business meeting, shall have custody of the minutes of all meetings submitted to the office of Presidency, shall keep up-to-date membership roster, maintain communication and distribute announcements to the members, shall approve and admit new members of the Association, shall maintain records of the Association, and prepare Annual Business Report to the President.  The Secretary shall also perform other duties and have such powers as may from time to time be delegated by the President and Board.


4.  Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall monitor management of the financial affairs of the Association, shall keep the record of income and expenditures, shall prepare an annual financial report at the annual meeting, and work with the Director of Finance to prepare annual budget for the President.





Article 6.  Division of Publication and Public Relation


1.  Organization:  Director of the Division shall be appointed by each new President, and shall form committees to perform the assigned tasks.


2.  Tasks:  Tasks assigned to the Division are

                a.  Improving services to members of the CAWRA

                b. Establishing  individual officer's archive to sustain administration legacy

                c.  Coordinating with the Newsletter Editor's Office to improve contents of the Newsletter

                d.  Improving the Newsletter publication to be a regular quarterly periodical

                e.  Establishing the CAWRA WWW and increasing publicity through news media in English and Chinese

                f.  Establishing a CAWRA talent pool for English-Chinese translation team and

                g.   Other tasks assigned by the President and the Board.


Article 7.  Division of Corporation


1.  Organization: Director of the Division shall be appointed by each new President, and shall form committees to perform the assigned tasks.


2.  Tasks: Tasks assigned to the Division are


                a.  Encouraging  and  upgrading Cross-Strait contact and corporation

                b.  Establishing partnership with water resources organizations and other water related Chinese-American professional societies and similar organization on both sides of the Taiwan Strait

                c.  Promoting,  sponsoring and providing  assistance to organization in the U.S. that wishes  to hold workshops on either side of the Taiwan Strait

                d.  Serving as a liaison between Chinese delegates from overseas and CAWRA members  in the U. S.

                e. Other tasks assigned by the President and the Board.



Article 8.  Division of Technology


1.  Organization:  Director of the Division shall be appointed by each new President, and shall form committees to perform the assigned tasks.


2.  Tasks:  Tasks assigned to the Division are


                a.  Fostering and holding Chinese-American Conferences on Water Resources R&D on both sides of the Taiwan Strait

                b.  Promoting international projects, and coordinating and providing Chinese-American experts for international projects using database of expertise



Article 9.  Division of Finance


1.  Organization:  Director of the Division shall be appointed by each new President, and shall form committees to perform the assigned tasks.


2.  Tasks:  Tasks assigned to the Division are


                a.  Raising funds to conduct CAWRA's major activities and/or to sponsor other activities

                b.  Establishing CAWRA annual budgetary system.



Article 10.  Amendment


1.  Proposal:         Proposal to amend this By-Law may be made by the President, member of Board of Directors, and officer of the Association.


2.  Vote:  An affirmation vote of majority of the voting members of the Board shall be necessary for the adoption of any amendment to this By-Low.


3.  Effectiveness:  Amendment/s adopted shall take effect immediately after the adoption unless otherwise indicated in the amendment.


CAWRA Organization Chart