Division and Committee Directors and Tasks:


1. Division of Membership and Public Relation -(Dr. Xing Fang)
•   Recruitment
•   Establish a CAWRA talent pool
•   Establish member award criteria
2. Division of Publication- (Dr. Ximing Cai)
•   Journal
•   Newsletter
•   Book purchase program  for special books/reports on specific rivers)
3. Division of Technology and Cooperation -(Dr. Frank T. Tsai )
•   Partnership with water-resources organizations and Chinese-American professional societies
•   Promote, sponsor, and provide assistance to organizations in the U.S. that plan to hold workshops/conferences on water-resources issues in the geographic regions of China
•   Facilitate Chinese-American water-resources research and development
•   Serve as liaison between Chinese delegates from overseas and CAWRA members in the U.S
•   Encourage and enhance contacts and collaboration between CAWRA members in the U.S., and in the geographic regions of China


4. Division of Finance (Dr. Junke Guo)
•   Fund raising for CAWRA activities
•   Establish CAWRA annual budgetary system.